Down and Dirty, Portraits!

I had the opportunity to create some portraits at an off road bike race.  I set up a background near the finish line and as the racers finished, I had them stand in with their bike for a short series of pictures.  As you can tell, it was wet and muddy.  The shoot ended when the seamless paper collapsed into a heap of wet pulp.  There are more of these portraits on my website,, under bike portraits.

Freewheel Frolic!

I know it may be getting repetitive, but I did my second off road race one week later.  This time it was in a suburb of St. Paul.  Once again, the weather was terrible–pouring rain, thunder, lightning, mud and a slick trail.  All the things that make off road biking fun!  One hundred and fifty dollars worth of bike repairs went along with this race.  Here’s a very short video of part of the ride.

Mud, rain, cold and I didn’t finish last

In mid May, my friend Mike and I drove to Hayward, WI to ride in the Cable Bike Classic.  The conditions were pretty tough–35 degrees, 30 mile per hour winds, rain and thick mud.  It was the first off rode race I’d ever done.  My goal was to finish, hopefully not in last place and not get injured.  I accomplished all three.  I set up a video camera on the front fork of my bike and shot this video.  It is almost two hours of video condensed into five minutes (it may make you sick to watch this!).  Unfortunately the battery died before I finished the race.  There is no sound…I’ll describe the audio–the gun starts the race, (many people passing me) gears shifting, people talking, people stop talking, heavy breathing as we climb the first of many hills, bikes passing me, cursing under my breath, rain and wind, sand and mud spraying, cursing out loud, really heavy breathing (am I the only one breathing like this?), encouragement from the spectators, tires moving faster, more rain, wind, sticky mud, gears shifting, more encouragement from the spectators, cheering as I finish the race.  My friend Mike said it was awesome and excruciating all at once.  He was right.  (Click the link below).