Small School, Big Time Hockey

I recently shot a series of images for ESPN. The images were a little different than what I usually do in that all of the scenes were shot in a documentary style. None of the pictures were set up–I shot what was in front of me. I enjoyed doing this and hope to incorporate more of this style of photography into my commercial work.

On another note, one of the images that was shot for this series was accepted into the Communication Arts photo annual. This is a great honor and I’m thrilled to have my work included in such a wonderful group of photography.


Tommy Boy!

In early November I was traveling in Louisiana and had the opportunity to go out on a commercial shrimp boat. The owner, a fourth generation shrimper, was very kind and explained how they’ve been running the family business over the years. “Shrimpin” isn’t easy. It’s a dangerous job and loaded with huge financial risk. They’re tough Cajun’s and very proud. Next time you’re shopping for shrimp, make sure it’s from the Gulf. Shrimp from Thailand and Viet Nam are “farm raised in sewer water”. After we got off the boat, we went out for Gulf shrimp po’ boys.
















Camp Voyageur Summer Camp

I went back to Camp Voyageur for my second consecutive summer.  I love it there!  I get to witness the pure joy of kids having fun, learning and pushing themselves.  I spent four days documenting camp life.  The last two days of camp were filled with the annual camp olympics.  Some of the activities were the canoe tug of war, peanut butter/cracker eating contest, bed making (with hospital corners!), along with swimming, boating and other sports activities.  It’s a great place for a kid to spend his summer!  Check out the camp website at








Speaking Backwards

I meet some pretty interesting people when I work.  Whether it is for a picture, video or interview, I’m always looking for characters.  This past summer my son told me that his camp counselor had an unusual talent—he could speak and sing backwards.  When I went to pick up my son at the end of camp, I made a short video.  It’s pretty amazing!!

Summer Camp


I recently had the opportunity to work on a project with a summer camp in northern Minnesota on the edge of the BWCA–Camp Voyageur.  It’s a family run boys camp that was established in 1951.  I’ve photographed and interviewed the campers and staff over the last six weeks.  Stay tuned for a video that will be coming out shortly.  In the meantime, here are some pictures from a recent shoot.  It makes me want to go to camp!









Park Service. Feel the grit, feel the grime, hear the story.

I recently had a discussion with a client regarding his view of how photography can be used.  My client felt that it was no longer relevant for their company to just show a picture(s) on a website.  They wanted the viewer to have a more interactive experience–not simply pretty pictures.  He had seen plenty of short videos on competitor websites, but felt that the content was lacking—most of the videos had music playing in the background or were talking head interviews.  He wanted the viewer to be able to click on the picture(s) and learn something about the company.

I thought about this and felt that there had to be someway that I could help to tell the story in addition to taking the pictures.  Here’s a sample of a video that I created that I think will be a useful and cost effective way for clients to tell their stories and make their brand more interactive.  Please click the link below to download the file.  I’m really excited about the potential.