Park Service. Feel the grit, feel the grime, hear the story.

I recently had a discussion with a client regarding his view of how photography can be used.  My client felt that it was no longer relevant for their company to just show a picture(s) on a website.  They wanted the viewer to have a more interactive experience–not simply pretty pictures.  He had seen plenty of short videos on competitor websites, but felt that the content was lacking—most of the videos had music playing in the background or were talking head interviews.  He wanted the viewer to be able to click on the picture(s) and learn something about the company.

I thought about this and felt that there had to be someway that I could help to tell the story in addition to taking the pictures.  Here’s a sample of a video that I created that I think will be a useful and cost effective way for clients to tell their stories and make their brand more interactive.  Please click the link below to download the file.  I’m really excited about the potential.

Town Ball

I love baseball.  I could watch baseball all day, anytime.  That’s why a recent assignment taking video and stills at the MBA tournament was great fun.  MBA features town baseball teams from all over Minnesota.  The games are competitive, the players are very good, the seats and spectators are great.  In many cases the entire town shows up to cheer the team on.  This is part of an ongoing project, so stay tuned!  More of the work can be found on my website,

Flashes of Hope

Last week I did a pro bono project for Flashes of Hope.  Flashes of Hope is a national nonprofit organization whose goal is to photograph every child with cancer until every child is cured.  My team, Ben Clasen (digi tech) and Greg Naaktgeboren (assistant) spent the morning at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis creating portraits.  Each child/family receives a series of prints from Flashes of Hope.  It was a fun, rewarding and emotional photo shoot–the kids and their family got to have a few minutes away from their worries.  Here are some of the portraits–

Fat Tire Snow Biking

Over the last few weekends I went to some fat tire snow bike races.  I was amazed at how many people are getting into this sport.  The bikes are designed with super wide tires so that they can go through snow without getting stuck.  It’s a great workout and it is one more activity to do here in our long winter months.  More of the work can be found on my website,