While the hockey season isn’t over, I thought I would show some of the pictures I’ve taken at the various games and tournaments.  The kids are having a great time and they play with a lot of determination.  They have learned and improved their game thanks to great coaching.  I’m tired of winter, but I’m going to miss hockey when the season is over.  (We do have spring and summer hockey to look forward to!)

In Case You Missed the Fall Color!

I recently completed an assignment for HCI Care Service and their agency, Delta Design.  They wanted colorful pictures of leaves for their website.  The timing was perfect.  It was early August and the leaves would soon be changing.  Because of the drought, the only question was if the leaves would shrivel up, turn brown and fall off the tree.  For the most part, that is what happened.  I looked at a lot of leaves before I found perfect, unblemished leaves.  Here are some of the final images.

Mountain Biking

Last week I had the opportunity to do a shoot with David Lachapelle–awesome mountain biker and owner of Green Body Fitness.  He’s a great athlete and is training for the Ironman Triathlon.  We were out early to beat the heat and get the morning light.  We had scouted out different sections of the trail that would make for some dramatic pictures.  Enjoy!

Morning Run

I recently did a photo shoot with Jenna Freeman.  She is a pilates instructor, runner and all around great athlete and model.  Even though it was an early call time for a sunrise photo, the rain and fog created a nice scene.  We covered a lot of ground and by 9 am we were heading back to get some breakfast.